Hey folks – lots of fun stuff happening these days, as it should be with summer around the corner.  For the past few weeks, we’ve been taking part in Project M, a songwriting and peforming reality show run by 105.5 Triple M.  Each week we get a new challenge and have to come up with a new song to perform.  This week we were given the task of arranging “On Wisconsin,” and we stepped outside our comfort zone to perform a samba.  If you want to see how much Chantelle killed the vocals, you can see the videos starting Wednesday night on the Triple M website.  We’re only 2 challenges away from making the finals, and we would love your votes.  You can vote every 24 hours on the website and every 24 hours by texting “The Whiskey Farm” to 20357.

We also have a really fun gig coming up next week.  The Friends of Olin Turville Park is putting on a series of concerts in the Olin Park Pavilion.  Our show is the last of the series, and it is Wednesday, May 23 at 6:00.  You can bring food and drinks in, and it should be a really nice, intimate event.  We’ve got some new songs to share with you, and it should be a great setting for that.  We also just booked a gig on the Terrace for this summer, and we’ll keep you informed of other live shows currently in the works.

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