Hey folks – we’d love to see you at the High Noon on Monday night for a very special show.  We’ll be opening for the Ragbirds, a great band from Ann Arbor.  We will continue to keep our promise of having new songs for you every time we play, and we’ll even be busting out a new instrument for this one.  The show starts at 8:00, but happy hour ends at 7, so get down there early and have a beer with us beforehand.  We’ll also be making an exciting announcement about an upcoming contest we have been invited to participate in (hint: starts with Project, ends with M).  And since you’re wasting time on the internet right now, don’t forget to go to www.themamas.org to vote in the final round of the Madison Area Music Awards.  We’re up for Best New Artist, Best Americana/Folk Performer, and Best Song in the Americana and Unique categories.  Thanks for listening!

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