Hello friends – we are excited about some new opportunities to get our music heard beyond our local audience.  On the heels of our brief spot as July’s “One to Watch” on the nationally syndicated Acoustic Cafe, we were just notified that Middle of America has been accepted into the Pandora on line radio library.  Now, it will be a few weeks before you can actually create your Whiskey Farm radio station, but it’s coming.  First, one of their “musicologists” has to analyze and categorize our music to figure out who we should be linked up with in their algorithm of infinite musical knowledge.  It should be fun to see how that all pans out.  We’ll keep you posted when it goes live.  We’re also happy to announce that Anna Laube will be opening for us when we play the Brink Lounge on Saturday,  August 6.  This will be a different kind of Whiskey Farm show – an intimate setting with a pared down group.  Jason, Clark, and Matt will represent the band that night, with some special guests in the works.  As always, thanks for listening.

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