Hello, friends. It is strange times we find ourselves in, and all of us are looking for a way to stand up and speak out for what we believe is right. For us as a band, that means writing and singing songs that embody our values and add to the spirit of resistance in our community. We recently finished recording a set of social and political songs, and our new record, Songs of Resistance, will be released at the High Noon Saloon on June 28. We have an amazing line-up for that night, including Ryan Mauer & the Angry Fix, Frank Busch, Evan Murdock, and Amber Sebastian. All proceeds will go to the ACLU of Wisconsin, and a representative will speak at the event. We have written political songs before, like this one about the Act 10 protests, but we have never put out an explicitly political album. We cover a lot of ground on this record - immigration policy, faux patriotism, money in politics, the resistance movement, gun control, equal rights, gerrymandering, despair, and hope. And before you stick a fork in your eye, we hope we have made a record that is quite listenable despite the nature of the lyrics. Our goal is to add a small piece to a large, ongoing social movement. Art has always been a tool of resistance, and we hope to be part of a long-standing tradition of folk musicians who have spoken out for truth and justice. We look forward to sharing these songs with you and joining with you in all ways as we work for peace, tolerance, and human rights for all people. You can pre-order the record now, and it will be delivered to you before the general release. Thank you so much for your support.